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Tillamook County Board of Commissioners are expected to re-open vehicle access

Vehicle Access to the Beach at the Turnaround - On March 11th, the Tillamook County Board of Commissioners are expected to re-open vehicle access over the dune at the turnaround. A public meeting will be held on March 10th. For those of you who haven't been at the turnaround recently, there is also a concrete pad there now, which will ultimately be the site of a parking meter. The attached PDF includes the history on the topic.

Here is the the agenda for the Commissioners Meeting this week:

Here are the requirements for public comment:

PUBLIC COMMENT Those intending to provide public comment for the workshop or board meeting shall email submissions to Public comments received by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday will be distributed to the board and become part of the public record. Public comments submitted via email after the deadline or during the workshop or board meeting will be presented by staff to the board during the public comment period. Unless otherwise specified, these submissions will be presented during the board meeting. Public comments can also be mailed to the Board of Commissioners’ Office, 201 Laurel Avenue, Tillamook, Oregon, 97141. Two minutes is allowed per comment. The chair may, at his/her sole discretion, further limit or expand the amount of time for individuals to speak.

For those of you with strong opinions on the subject of vehicular access to the beach, specifically at the turnaround, this may be your last chance to make your voice heard. Please be an active participant in initiatives in and around Pacific City. It is a special place and we need your involvement.

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