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The Pacific City-Woods Citizens Advisory Committee (Pacific City-Woods CAC) is a group of citizens united by geographic location and organized as an advisory body for effective citizen involvement in the planning and development of matters affecting the quality of life and livability of the community. Citizen participation improves the decision-making process, democratizes, and humanizes political and social institutions, increases the responsiveness of governmental institutions, generates a greater variety of information and alternatives to citizens, public officials, and elected officials, and enhances individual and group awareness and civic responsibility. The CAC addresses the Pacific City-Woods area responsibility for the statewide Land Use Goal Number 1 -- Citizen Involvement -- that calls for each city and county to develop a citizen involvement program that ensures the opportunity for all citizens to be involved in all phases of the planning process. (Adopted by the State Land Conservation and Development Commission on Dec. 27, 1974, effective Jan. 1, 1975. Amended on February 17, 1988, effective March 31, 1988).

Effective May 1, 2013, Pacific City-Woods CAC incorporated the Tillamook County Board of Commissioners Order # 13-034 and appended to these bylaws. The name of the organization going forward will be Pacific City-Woods Citizen Advisory Committee.

Activities are determined by the membership and may include but not be limited to land use actions, the Pacific City-Woods Community Plan and development code amendments, consideration of county and community services, special community studies and communication of local needs and concerns to County, State and Federal decision makers. In all activities the Pacific City-Woods CAC shall provide a forum for discussion and encourage broad citizen participation.

III. AREA OF INFLUENCE Pacific City–Woods CAC’s Area of Influence shall include all those lands within the Pacific City–Woods Unincorporated Community Growth Boundary. The Pacific City-Woods CAC will maintain open communication with neighboring communities as issues of mutual interest arise. (Link to map:

Membership is open to any person over 18 years old who resides in, owns property in, or owns or operates a business within the Pacific City–Woods Unincorporated Community Growth Boundary as delineated in the Pacific City Community Plan accepted by Tillamook County in 1999.
Consistent with Pacific City-Woods CAC’s goal to encourage broad community participation, the Secretary will accept a registrant’s representations regarding their qualifications for membership under Section IV except where circumstances reasonably warrant further investigation and verification. Under such circumstances, the Secretary will refer the issue to the Board for resolution. The Board's determination is subject to appeal and ratification by a vote of the members.

A. VERIFICATION In situations where it becomes necessary to verify such membership, the following guidelines will apply:
1. When in doubt, membership qualifications may be established by any reasonable and readily obtained documentation that does not require undue effort or expense to obtain.
2. Property ownership means any proprietary interest in real estate, whether partial or total, evidenced by ownership documents, public records, tax documents, mortgage bills or the like. Ownership includes trustees or named beneficiaries of property held in trust. It does not include participation in timeshare organizations, vacation “clubs” or similar arrangements unless they include deeded ownership.
3. Residence includes part-time residence that cumulatively totals three months or more in a calendar year.
4. Business is defined as a commercial entity, verifiable by current registration to do business in Oregon through the Oregon Secretary of State Business Registry, that operates in whole or part from a property site located in Pacific City-Woods.

The Pacific City-Woods CAC Secretary will compile and maintain a registry of individuals over 18 years old that qualify for Pacific City-Woods CAC membership.
1. The registry shall be in spreadsheet or a comparable format.
2. For each individual, the registry will reflect the member’s:
● Member Number
● Name(s)
● E-mail address
● Physical Pacific City Woods address associated with membership
● Membership Category (Resident / Owner / Business) –only one is required
3. Multiple members may register under the same e-mail address in order to participate in online meetings. The Secretary may seek clarification in situations where more than two individuals claim membership based on the same physical address.
4. Membership is ongoing and need not be renewed absent a change in circumstances that terminates or requires an update of their membership information. The Secretary shall periodically act to remove ineligible individuals from the registry. Members shall verify their registration information if requested by the secretary.
5. The Board will provide regular reminders and instructions on how to register in the Pacific City-Woods CAC email newsletters. To cast a valid vote as an online participant in a meeting, those persons who are not already registered may do so up to 48 hours prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Dues are not a requirement for membership or voting on Pacific City-Woods CAC matters. Contributions will always be encouraged. Contributions and fund-raising activities will support administrative activities of the Pacific City-Woods CAC.

Officers shall be elected to serve a one-year term beginning at the Annual General Meeting in August. The Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary shall act as the Executive Board. No Officers of the Pacific City-Woods CAC shall receive any financial payment for their services. They may, with board approval, be reimbursed for expenses incurred on behalf of the Pacific City-Woods CAC.

1. Chair
▪ Conducts General Membership meetings and Executive Board meetings.
▪ Acts as Spokesperson in official capacity for the Pacific City-Woods CAC.
▪ Coordinates Executive Board actions.
▪ Selects representatives to attend non-Pacific City-Woods CAC meetings and hearings.
▪ Coordinates committees.
▪ Sets the Agenda items.
▪ Prepares official correspondence.

2. Vice-Chair
▪ Serves as Chair in the absence of the Chair.
▪ Prepares reports at the request of the Chair.
▪ Assists the Chair upon request.

3. Secretary
▪ Records minutes of meetings and distributes them.
▪ Keeps membership records.
▪ Keeps ongoing list of all committees and committee reports.
▪ Distributes official correspondence at the request of the Chair or delegates that responsibility.
▪ Relays incoming email or mail to the appropriate officer or committee chairperson.
▪ Distributes & Posts agenda and meeting notices.
▪ Keeps the Pacific City-Woods CAC's files, maps and bylaws.
▪ Maintain archives and general history of the Pacific City-Woods CAC.
▪ Prepares the ballot for annual election of officers.

Vacancies on the Executive Board will be filled immediately on an interim basis by appointment by the Chair. The appointee will serve until the next general membership meeting, at which point the appointment will be proposed for ratification by the membership. If not ratified, the Chair will make an alternate interim appointment. The vacancy will be filled on a permanent basis according to the process outlined for election of officers.

Election of officers shall be held during the August Annual General Membership meeting.
1. Officers will serve a one-year term. In preparation for the Annual Membership Meeting, which will be held on a Saturday, the Vice-Chair will coordinate the activities which will actively seek out nominations and nominees throughout the year from all who reside within the Pacific City-Woods CAC Area of Influence. The Vice-Chair will make the best effort possible to seek the widest diversity of candidates reflecting the makeup of the community. Election notices shall be posted on, emailed to all existing members, and be posted in prominent locations in the community beginning July 1 of each year. The closing date for nominations shall be prominently noted in preparation for the Annual Membership Meeting in August.
2. All members of the community meeting the property ownership membership criteria may be nominated and any member may nominate him or herself.
3. Nominations should be sent to the Vice-Chair a minimum of two weeks prior to the Annual Membership Meeting.
4. The Secretary shall prepare a ballot with all nominations received for the positions of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary. The Secretary shall read the list of nominees at voting time.
5. Written ballots (if meeting in person) and virtual ballots (if attending electronically-see Voting Policy) will be cast at the Annual Membership Meeting.
6. Separate voting shall be held for the offices of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary unless the membership chooses to vote by slate. The winner shall be the nominee receiving a majority of the votes of the members present. (See Voting Policy). In case of a tie between the two top vote getters or a failure of any nominee to receive a majority of the votes cast, a run-off shall be conducted between the two top vote getters. After an appropriate recess, the Chair shall announce the new Executive Board membership. Newly elected Officers shall assume office effective immediately. Vacancies shall be filled by the Chair to complete the unexpired term of the officer being replaced.

Standing Committees or Special or Ad Hoc Committees shall be established as deemed necessary by the Executive Board. Standing committees will have ongoing responsibilities. Special or Ad Hoc Committees shall be formed to conduct specific tasks. Membership on these committees will be appointed by the Executive Board, with consideration of the issues and incorporating a balance of perspectives.

All committees will have a minimum of 3 members. All committee members serve a term of one year, but that term can be extended with the approval of the Executive Board.

A standing committee designated as the “Land Use Committee” represents the various stakeholders / constituencies of the Pacific City-Woods community with the diverse thinking that typifies our community. It is established for the purpose of review and discussion of any proposals or community issues related to land use and, if deemed necessary, make recommendations to the Pacific City-Woods CAC for community action at the next Pacific City-Woods CAC general meeting. Each year after the Annual Membership Meeting it will be the immediate duty of the committee to select a new Chair for a one-year term and notify the Executive Board. Each year after the Annual Membership Meeting it will be the immediate duty of the Committee Chair to select a new Chair and Secretary for a one-year term and notify the Executive Board.

The Land Use Committee Chairperson and all committee members are responsible for reviewing email notifications from the county as well as weekly monitoring of the county website for land-use, permit, and other issues concerning Pacific City-Woods. The committee will determine which issues require additional discussion & research and will prepare recommendations to the Pacific City-Woods CAC Executive Board at least 7 days prior to any upcoming General or Special Meetings for their review and potential Pacific City-Woods CAC Membership action. Additional members can be appointed from the membership to assure representation of the full range of constituencies in the community.

The purpose of any additional Special or Ad-hoc committees shall be articulated at their inception. Upon formation it will be the immediate duty of each committee to select a Chair. The Chairperson and committee members will be responsible for setting additional meetings, discussion, and research of concern, and prepare written recommendations to the Pacific City-Woods CAC Executive Board at least 7 days prior to an upcoming General Meeting for their review and potential Pacific City-Woods CAC Membership action. Committees will provide written recommendations to the CAC for discussion and voting as necessary at General Membership Meetings.

Appropriate expenses may be submitted for reimbursement to the Vice-Chair who will present them for Executive Board approval (funds permitting).

All meetings shall be open to the public and be governed by Robert's Rules of Order (current edition), as well as Oregon’s Public Meetings law, ORS 192.610 et seq.

General Membership meetings will be held on the third Saturday of February, May, August, and November at 10 a.m. in Pacific City, unless the membership is otherwise notified. The August meeting is designated as the Annual Membership Meeting of the Pacific City-Woods CAC for the election of officers.

Notice of all meetings, stating the date, time, and place, will be posted to the Pacific City-Woods CAC web site, in prominent locations in the community and distributed to an active email list.

The agenda for each meeting will be established by the Chair. The agenda will provide for discussion of old and new business and committee reports. Written comments and agenda items will be taken into consideration if received by the Chair by the 7 days preceding the meeting. All known meetings and hearings affecting the Pacific City-Woods CAC will be announced at general or special meetings.

The Chair may call a special meeting for time pressing matters. Every effort will be made to provide as much notice as possible, but a minimum two-day notice must be given to all registered members as to the date, time, and place of the meeting. Notice of all such meetings, stating the date, time, place, and reason for the meeting will be posted on, in prominent locations in the community and distributed to an active email list of Pacific City-Woods CAC members. All actions taken at such meetings must be reported at the next general meeting.

A sign-in sheet reflecting members and other people in attendance will be available at the door at the beginning of each meeting. Membership registration forms will be available at each meeting.

At the beginning of discussion of each action item the members and Officers will be asked to declare any conflicts of interest that may exist relative to that issue. If a member or Officer votes or proposes a position on a proposition in which the member or Officer has a direct special or financial interest. the member or Officer is obligated to disclose the existence of such interest to the membership. This information shall be made part of the record by the Secretary.

Registration is mandatory to become a voting member of the Pacific City-Woods CAC. Any registered member in attendance may present motions for a vote by the membership. Each motion shall be seconded before a vote will be taken.

The Pacific City-Woods CAC shall adopt and periodically update a written Voting Policy to govern credentialing and voting procedures by in-person and remote participants at meetings. The Voting Policy shall provide for compilation of a registry of qualified “Members” under Section IV and establish a procedure for confirmation of a meeting participant’s voting status, when necessary, provided that such procedures shall not unduly burden or impede the Pacific City-Woods CAC’s goal of encouraging the broadest possible community participation.

Members who physically attend a live meeting shall vote by a show of hands, provided they have provided their name and contact information (physical address or phone number) on the meeting sign-in sheet sufficient to verify membership if needed.

Where the Board arranges for remote attendance at a meeting by electronic means (or the option to attend a live meeting remotely by electronic means), members may participate and vote on Pacific City-Woods CAC matters by video or by telephone subject to the following guidelines:
1. The Board will provide ample and repeated notice of its intent to conduct remote meetings and electronic instructions on how to participate, including the need and option to register no later than 24 hours prior to each remote meeting.
2. Whenever possible, members utilizing video applications should log in to the meeting using the same name and address reflected on the voter registry and alert the Secretary if it has changed. If the online name cannot be verified-that vote will not count.
3. Members attending by telephone may be asked to verify their names or addresses if the need arises. If the name cannot be verified-that vote will not count.
4. The Board will work to minimize the need for individualized polling by first seeking unanimous consent or a preliminary, informal indication of whether sufficient disagreement exists to warrant proceeding with formal polling on any issue or decision. The Chair’s determinations in this regard are subject to appeal and a vote of the membership.
5. Formal voting shall be conducted by the video application’s polling or chat function. Visual video engagement by each online member is required for a vote to be recorded. When utilized, the Board shall immediately share the results with participants and make downloads of the voting results available upon request after the meeting.
6. The Chair may conduct a roll call vote whenever the Chair deems it reasonable or appropriate, whether voting is in person or by electronic means.
7. The Board will continue to research polling and tabulation options that might be more flexible or easier to use than that provided as part of the video application.

Results of any land use related vote forwarded to the Tillamook County Planning Commission in the form of a recommendation or to other interested parties, will clearly identify the number of people in attendance at the meeting, stating the number of registered members voting Aye, Nay, or Abstaining and attaching a minority opinion if those voting in the minority provide one in a timely fashion.

Draft Minutes of all meetings shall be finalized a minimum of ten days prior to the next regularly scheduled Pacific City-Woods CAC meeting and posted to

Written comments and agenda items will be taken into consideration if received by the Chair via email or by phone by seven days prior to the General Membership Meeting. Minutes of all meetings shall be posted to ten days prior to the next meeting. All known meetings or hearings affecting the Pacific City-Woods CAC will be announced at regular or special meetings. Periodic community surveys will be taken when deemed necessary by the membership or officers to verify the attitude of the community at large. Surveys will be distributed to all members of the Pacific City-Woods CAC. Results of surveys will be shared with members at the regular or special meetings, distributed to members via posting on the website

A change to existing By-Laws may be proposed in writing at any time to the Chair. All proposed changes in the By-Laws will be forwarded to the Executive Committee, or an ad-hoc By-Laws Committee for consideration if such a committee has been established. The Executive Committee, or the By-Laws Committee, will review and report back to the Pacific City-Woods CAC on any proposed changes to the By-Laws with a recommendation. Any proposed changes shall be voted on at the next meeting.
The full text of any revised By-Laws that are submitted by the Executive Committee or the ad hoc By-Laws Committee will be submitted to the Department of Community Development for review and approval by Tillamook County Counsel. Once approved by Tillamook County Counsel, said draft will be presented to General Membership for final approval. Said change(s) will become effective immediately upon approval by General membership.

Approved 11/20/06
Amended 02/17/07
Amended 07/15/13
Amended 09/19/16
Amended 09/17/18
Amended 01/31/22

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