6 Purpose
8 The Pacific City-Woods Community Planning Advisory Committee (PC-W CPAC) was originally organized to
9 satisfy the statewide Land Use Goal Number 1 – Citizen Involvement. Goal #1 calls for each city and county to
10 develop a citizen involvement program that insures the opportunity for all citizens to be involved in all phases
11 of the planning process (Adopted by the State Land Conservation and Development Commission on December
12 27, 1974, effective January 1, 1975; amended on February 17, 1988, effective March 31, 1988.)
14 Effective May 1, 2013 Pacific City-Woods CPAC incorporated the Tillamook County Board of Commissioners
15 Order # 13-034, see Appendix I. The name of the organization going forward will be Pacific City-Woods
16 Citizen Advisory Committee.
18 Activities
20 Activities will be determined by the membership and may include but will not be limited to land use actions, the
21 Pacific City-Woods Community Plan and development code amendments, consideration of county and
22 community services, and special community studies. In all activities the PC-W CAC shall provide a forum for
23 discussion and encourage broad citizen participation.
25 Area of Influence
27 Pacific City – Woods CAC’s Area of Influence shall include all those lands within the Pacific City – Woods
28 Unincorporated Community Growth Boundary. The PC-W CAC will maintain open communication with
29 neighboring communities as issues of mutual interest arise.
31 Membership
33 Membership is open to all people 18 years of age and older who reside in, own property in, or own or operate a
34 business within the Pacific City – Woods Unincorporated Community Growth Boundary as delineated in the
35 Pacific City-Woods Community Plan accepted by Tillamook County in 1999.
37 Dues are not required for membership in the PC-W CAC. Contributions to the CAC will be encouraged. These
38 funds will support administrative activities of the CAC.
40 Structure & Responsibilities
42 Each Office is for a one year period beginning
43 at the Annual Membership Meeting in August. The Chair, Vice-
44 Chair and Secretary shall act as an Executive Board. No officer shall receive any financial payment during their
45 tenure. With the approval of the Executive Board, they may be reimbursed for appropriate expenses.
49 Officers and Duties:
51 Chair Conducts general membership and Executive Board meetings.
52 Acts as spokesperson in official capacity.
53 Coordinates Executive Board actions.
54 Selects representatives to attend non-CAC meetings and hearings.
55 Coordinates committees.
56 Prepares agenda for general membership meetings.
57 Prepares official correspondence.
59 Vice-Chair
60 Assists the Chair as needed; acts as Chair in the absence of the Chair.
61 Coordinates the Nominating Committee process in preparation for election of officers at
62 the Annual Membership meeting.
63 Prepares reports at the request of the Chair.
65 Secretary Records minutes of the meetings.
66 Keeps membership records.
67 Keeps ongoing list of all committees and committee reports.
68 Distributes official correspondence at the request of the Chair or delegates that
69 responsibility.
70 Relays incoming mail to the appropriate officer or committee chairperson. Posts
71 agendas and meeting notices
72 Keeps the historic CAC files, maps and bylaws.
73 Maintain archives and general history of the CAC.
74 Prepare the ballot for the annual election of officers.
77 Vacancies on the Executive Board will be filled immediately on an interim basis by appointment of the
78 Executive Board. The appointee will serve until the next general membership meeting, at which point the
79 appointment will be proposed for ratification by the membership. If not ratified, the Executive Board will make
80 an alternate interim appointment. The vacancy will be filled on a permanent basis according to the process
81 outlined for election of officers.
83 Election of officers
85 Election of officers shall be held during the first meeting of the PC/W CAC, and thereafter at the Annual
86 Membership Meeting in August. Officers will serve a one year term. In preparation for the Annual
87 Membership Meeting, which will be held on a Saturday, the Vice-Chair will coordinate the activities of the
88 Nominating Committee which will actively seek out nominations and nominees throughout the year from all
89 who reside within the PC-W CAC Area of Influence. The Nominating Committee will make the best effort
90 possible to seek the widest diversity of candidates reflecting the makeup of the community.
91 Election notices shall be posted in prominent locations in the community beginning July 1 of each year. The
92 closing date for nominations shall be prominently noted in preparation for the Annual Membership Meeting in
93 August.
95 All members of the community meeting the membership criteria may be nominated and any member may
96 nominate him or herself.
98 Nominations should be sent to the Vice-Chair a minimum of two weeks prior to the Annual Membership
99 Meeting.
101 The Secretary shall prepare a ballot with all nominations received for the positions of Chair, Vice-Chair and
102 Secretary.
104 Written ballots will be cast at the Annual Membership Meeting. After an appropriate recess, the Chair shall
105 announce the new Executive Board membership. Successful candidates will take office immediately upon that
106 announcement.
108 Committees
110 Standing Committees or Special Committees shall be established as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.
111 Standing committees will have ongoing responsibilities. Special or Ad Hoc Committees shall be formed to
112 conduct specific tasks. Membership on these committees will be appointed by the Executive Board, with
113 consideration of the issues and incorporating a balance of perspectives.
115 All committees will have a minimum of 5 members. All committee members serve a term of one year but that
116 term can be extended with the approval of the Executive Board.
118 A standing committee designated as the Land Use Committee will be established for the purpose of review and
119 discussion of any proposals or community issues related to land use. The Executive Board will serve as a base
120 for the Committee on Land Use issues. Additional members shall be appointed from the membership to assure
121 representation of the full range of constituencies in the community.
123 A standing committee designated as the Nominating Committee will be established for the purpose of seeking
124 nominees to the Executive Board. Activities of this committee will be led by the Vice-Chair of the Executive
125 Board.
127 The purpose of any additional committees shall be articulated at their inception.
129 Every effort shall be made to assure that membership in each committee represents the various constituencies of
130 the community.
132 Upon formation it will be the immediate duty of each committee to select a Chair and Secretary. Minutes must
133 be submitted within 14 days of each meeting to the Executive Board for distribution to the membership for their
134 comments and/or actions.
135 Committees will provide recommendations to the CAC for
136 discussion and voting as necessary at general
137 membership meetings.
139 Appropriate expenses may be submitted for reimbursement to the Vice-Chair who will present them for
140 Executive Board approval.
142 Meetings
144 All meetings will be open to the public and be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, the Oregon Public Meeting
145 Law and the Oregon Public Record Law.
147 General Membership meetings will be held on the third Saturday of February, May, August and November. The
148 August meeting is designated as the Annual Membership Meeting of the CAC for the election of officers.
150 Notice of all meetings, stating the date, time and place, will be posted to the PC-W CAC web site, in prominent
151 locations in the community and distributed to an active email list.
153 The agenda for each meeting will be established by the Chair. The agenda will provide for discussion of old
154 and new business and committee reports. Written comments and agenda items will be taken into consideration if
155 received by the Chair by the Wednesday preceding the meeting. All known meetings and hearings affecting
156 the CAC will be announced at general or special meetings.
158 The Chair may call a special meeting for time pressing matters. Every effort will be made to provide as much
159 notice as possible but, a minimum two-day notice must be given to all registered members as to the date, time
160 and place of the meeting. Notice of all such meetings, stating the date, time, place, and reason for the meeting
161 will be posted in prominent locations in the community and distributed to an active email list of PC-W CAC
162 members. All actions taken at such meetings must be reported at the next general meeting.
164 A sign-in sheet reflecting members and other people in attendance will be available at the door at the beginning
165 of each meeting. Membership registration forms will be available at each meeting.
167 At the beginning of discussion of each action item the members and Officers will be asked to declare any
168 conflicts of interest that may exist relative to that issue. If a member or Officer votes or proposes a position on
169 a proposition in which the member or Officer has a direct special or financial interest, the member or Officer is
170 obligated to disclose the existence of such interest to the membership. This information shall be made part of
171 the record by the Secretary.
173 Registration is required to become a voting member of the CAC. Any registered member in attendance may
174 present motions for a vote by the membership. Each motion shall be seconded before a vote will be taken.
175 Voting shall be by a show of hands, except in the case of election of officers which shall be by ballot prepared
176 by the Secretary. All votes will be decided by a simple majority of members in attendance. A member must
177 have signed the attendance sheet for each meeting in which the member votes. Any member or Officer may
178 request a roll call vote. Roll call votes shall be made part of the record by the Secretary.
180 Results of any land use related vote forwarded to the Tillamook County Planning Commission in the form of a
181 recommendation or to other interested parties, will clearly identify the number of people in attendance at the meeting, stating
182 the number of registered members voting Aye, Nay, or Abstaining and attaching a minority
183 opinion if those voting in the minority provide one in a timely fashion.
185 Draft Minutes of all meetings shall be finalized a minimum of ten days prior to the next regularly scheduled
186 CAC meeting and distributed to all members by email.
191 Revision of Bylaws
193 A change to existing by-laws may be proposed in writing at any time to the Chair. A proposed change will be
194 reviewed by the Executive Board and reported to the CAC at the next general meeting with a recommendation.
195 Any changes to the by-laws shall be voted on at the next general membership meeting provided that written
196 notice of the proposed changes have been distributed (by email or mail) to all registered members at least 15
197 days prior to the meeting. A vote will be taken and any approved changes to the by-laws will take affect
198 immediately upon the recording of majority approval.
200 Approved 11/20/06
201 Amended 02/17/07
202 Amended 07/15/13
203 Amended 09/19/16
204 Amended 09/17/18