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Reside in a flood zone? Read This. Public Hearing Measure 56 Notice Thursday February 10, 6:30pm

Hazard Code Updates M56 Notice
Download PDF • 98KB

Hazard Update FAQ Letter
Download PDF • 157KB

In coordination with the Oregon Department of Land Conservation, the Department of Community Development has been working on long-range hazard planning efforts that include a series of proposed amendments to relevant sections of the Tillamook County Land Use Ordinance, including new maps produced by DOGAMI for beaches and dunes and identified areas of geologic hazard. You have received this email to advise you of the proposed amendments, upcoming hearing dates and also in hope that you can help share the public hearing information and information regarding the proposed amendments attached to this email with community members within your community organization.

The attached guide document may be very helpful in understand the scope of updates proposed. The guide document will be posted with the proposed amendments and other information on the land use apps page of the Community Development website here: A copy of the Measure 56 notice and proposed amendments in draft form have already been posted on the website.

All information part of this process and hearing proceedings can be found on the land use apps page of the Community Development website here: Updates will be posted when available along with Planning Commission and County Commissioner hearing packets for public inspection, copies of written testimony received as well as other information and evidence made part of the record for each of these proceedings.

If you have any questions regarding the proposed amendments, please do not hesitate to email me or reach out to Department planning staff. Contact information is included in the notice and guide document.

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