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Phase I - PC-Woods Parking Management Plan Design Project

Crews Spray Painting Sunset Drive & Cape Kiwanda Drive. You may have noticed the crews in vests spray painting lines, etc on Sunset Drive and Cape Kiwanda Drive. I called Rachel Haggerty, Chief of Staff for Tillamook County Commissioners and she a) explained what was taking and place and b) sent me the signed Professional Services Agreement between Tillamook County and Murraysmith out of Portland. ( See below ) This work is actually Phase I – the collection of engineering data for further analysis to be completed by November. It represents 15% of the project. Then there will be a series of meetings, concept plans, alternatives, etc to be flushed out and agreed upon. Their will be Public Involvement with 3 Community Work Sessions. Rachel said this is just the very beginning of a very long process & there is a ton of work to do-especially since the Jensen Property has been added to the mix. NOTE: This is not a new effort. This project was outlined in the Cape Kiwanda Master Plan (2016) and the Pacific City/Woods Parking Management Plan (2019).

PC-Woods Parking Managment Plan - MURRAY
Download • 3.56MB

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