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  • Bob Papke

PC-Woods CAC Annual General Membership Meeting August 27

Please join us for the PC-Woods CAC Annual General Membership Meeting August 27, 2022 at the Kiawanda Community Center from 10am-12pm. Everyone is invited.

Get up to date on: the Short Term Rental Permit “Pause”; Tillamook Housing Crises and ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units); the Kiwanda Corridor Project; PC-Woods Tsunami Wayfinding; PC Parking & much more.

Plus: Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair & Secretary) will be voted upon and serve the next one year term. See Bylaws for the various responsibilities. Contact Kimberly Miller E: for more details OR to submit your nomination & a short background

Short Term Rentals: Tillamook County Commissioners put “Pause” on any new Short Term Rental (STR’s) permits effective July 1,2022. This pause was in direct relation to the excessive number of new permits submitted in 2022. To date (six months) 168 New STR Permits were granted. This is in comparison to only 129 all last year. How long with this pause last? What is being done by the County? Could it be extended? To read up on this subject see this link:

This subject will be reviewed at the Annual Meeting and more…..

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