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Oregon Measure 109 - Psilocybin Mushroom Services Program Initiative - Potential Land Use Issues

Oregon Measure 109

Heads up! Tuesday November 8, 2023 - Oregon Measure 109, Psilocybin Mushroom Services Program Initiative – and its possible Tillamook County land use issues wherein a Production, Manufacturing , Service Centers & Overnight Housing Accommodations can be built in any residential Neighborhood--including yours.

The county is trying to get ahead of this initiative should it pass. See attached:

Keep an eye on November 8th results:

A "yes" vote supports authorizing the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to create a program to permit licensed service providers to administer psilocybin-producing mushroom and fungi products to individuals 21 years of age or older.

A "no" vote opposes the creation of a psilocybin program, thus maintaining the state prohibition against the possession, manufacturing, and consumption of psilocybin.

Tillamook County's Recent Response:

Measure 109 Psilocybin Memo
Download PDF • 522KB

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