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Next Important STR Meeting is Tues 4/18 9:30am Port of Tillamook Bay Conference Center

The next Short-Term Rental Advisory Committee meeting will take place on April 18, 2023, and will run from 9:30am to 4:00pm. The meeting will be held at the Port of Tillamook Bay Conference Center Conference Room located at 4000 Blimp Boulevard, Tillamook, Oregon.

Attached below are the meeting materials for the April 18, 2023, Short-Term Rental (STR) Advisory Committee meeting. Meeting materials and public comments are also posted on the STR Advisory Committee page. Revised language is reflected in “red”. Highlighted areas have “notes” found off to the side of the document. Parking provisions have been slightly restructured, and you will see that the order of requirements is slightly different to create better organization of provisions. All comments agreed upon through committee consensus are contained in the language of this section. Section also includes exemption for HOA authorized parking as discussed at the April 3, 2023, meeting. A sentence was added after the on-street parking provisions for daytime guest parking to ensure passage of emergency vehicles- taken from the existing language in Ordinance 84.

Remaining topics for committee discussion in relation to ordinance language include: “Site Plan”, “Floor Plan”, “Neighbor Notification”, “Transfer”, “Compliance” timeline for existing STRs, “Enforcement”, “Complaint Process” and any “Definitions” not yet previously discussed by the committee. Discussion and proposal of at least one growth management tool has been requested by the BOCC. Staff will be prepared to assist with information to start this conversation at the April 18, 2023, meeting should the committee be able to quickly work through some of the remaining topics.

One additional meeting has been scheduled for May 9, 2023. Public hearings are in process of being scheduled and confirmed hearing dates will be announced at the upcoming meeting.

Agendas and meeting materials will continue to be posted on the Short-Term Rental Advisory Committee website:

The virtual meeting link for virtual meeting participation and call-in information can also be found at the bottom of the Community Development homepage:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or Lynn (copied).


Sarah Absher, CBO, CFM, Director

TILLAMOOK COUNTY | Community Development

1510-B Third Street

Tillamook, OR 97141

Phone (503) 842-3408 x3412

4-18 revised str comments
Download PDF • 1.60MB

4-18 STR Committee Agenda
Download PDF • 220KB

4-18 Tillamook Co Ord 84 STR Draft Amendments
Download PDF • 502KB

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