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Land Use Applications Website by Tillamook County for PC-Woods

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Great website for Land Use Applications Under Review - Tillamook County Community Development Page.

For Example here are the latest applications:

Treehouse Partners LLC – 19 site Campground

5/18/22 Gunness Floodway Development Permit for expansion to add an exterior staircase

4/1/22 Nestucca Ridge Dev – Riparian Exception

3/15/22 Coulter proposed SFR Application

3/7/22 Pelican Brewing Company - Foredune Grading Permit

12/3/21 Wise Resort Drive Floodway Development Permit

11/16/21 Powelson Nestucca River Floodway Development Permit

11/4/21 McDonald proposed 3 Residential Parcels

11/4/21 Hulbert proposed 2 Residential Parcels

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