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Kiwanda Corridor Project Update: Cape Kiwanda Parking Lot is in Design Development

Cape Kiwanda Parking Lot is in Design Development In September, 2022, the Tillamook County Board of Commissioners approved the contract for the Kiwanda Corridor Project Design Team and gave them Notice To Proceed with detailed design of the Cape Kiwanda Parking Lot. The design elements at the parking lot include new public restrooms; shower facilities; upgraded refuse & recycling; information kiosk; and safe routes for drop-offs, pedestrians, bikes, and the PC Shuttle. The Design Team is also planning for future EV Charging Stations, real-time parking information systems, and wayfinding connections to the six other project elements of the Kiwanda Corridor Project. The next steps for the Cape Kiwanda Parking Lot include state and local permitting coordination this fall with a goal to complete design by March 2023 so that construction may complete just in time for peak season in the beginning of July 2023. This phase of the project is funded through Transient Lodging Taxes (TLT) and Pacific City’s day-use parking revenues. Future project development will hopefully be supported by grant awards and public support, along with these revenue streams. The Kiwanda Corridor Project ties together multiple County properties and supports the development of other public spaces with a thoughtfully programmed design that disperses crowds, creates opportunities for outdoor play and education, and promotes stewardship of Pacific City as a whole. The seven project elements include:

  1. Cape Kiwanda Parking Lot

  2. Multi-Use Path

  3. Webb Park

  4. Jensen Property

  5. NVCA Community Park

  6. Wayfinding and Shuttle Services

  7. Shorepine Village Boardwalk

Project values are: Place: Honor the natural and built heritage of Pacific City People: Enhance the experience for the diverse range of people in Pacific City Natural Environment: Prioritize sound ecological decisions and support sustainability Fiscal Responsibility: Make efficient and responsible financial decisions and maintain affordability Connectivity: Support and integrate multi-modal connectivity in and around Pacific City while prioritizing accessibility Safety: Prioritize everyday safety alongside emergency management The Kiwanda Corridor Project Preferred Concept report and graphics can be found online at: A printed version is also posted at the project repository in the South Tillamook County Library. Discover More About the Project WEBSITE EMAIL

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