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July 19 Final Decision on STR Ordinance 84 Amendment #2

At the July 13, 2023, hearing, the Board of County Commissioners continued the proceedings for discussion and consideration of Ordinance 84 to their 9:00am regularly scheduled July 19, 2023, Board meeting. The July 19th Board meeting agenda and linked Ordinance 84 documents can be found here: A virtual meeting link for the July 19th Board of County Commissioner meeting will be posted on the Community Development homepage prior to the July 19th Board of County Commissioner meeting:

A copy of Ordinance 84 is also attached to this email in two forms: A draft ordinance highlighting the requested changes following the July 13, 2023, hearing, and a copy of Ordinance 84 in final form dated July 19, 2023.

The record for these proceedings can also be found on the Short-Term Rental Advisory Committee website:


Sarah Absher, CBO, CFM, Director

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