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  • Bob Papke

Wayfinding in Pacific City

We wanted to let everyone know that we're making some progress on sign installation. I've attached a photo to give everyone a sense for what recent installations look like.


* Evacuation route signs installed at both boat ramps, McPhillips drive leading out of the Cape, and the intersection of Resort Dr. and Reddekopp Rd.

* Documentation of installations submitted to STCEVC and County

* Utility locates called in for the Fisher Rd area

* Account set up at PC Hardware for posts

In progress:

* Retrieving two more Assembly Area signs from the inventory at Neskowin fire station

* Finalizing location and attachment method for Assembly Area sign at Pacific Seawatch Clubhouse

* Finalizing location for route signage at the Haystack St/Brooten Rd.


Christopher Dennis

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