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Ordinance 84 - Tillamook County Short Term Rental Proposed Ordinance

Short Term Rentals

Do you own or are you thinking of owning a Short Term Rental in Pacific City/Woods? Then you want to read the following.

On February 1, 2022 a Short Term Advisory Committee was formed to research, analyze and create a County Ordinance to manage STR’s in Tillamook County. The Advisory Committee Reviewed the 12/13/2018 Tillamook County Short Term Rental Committee Report & an Initial Draft of Ordinance 84 – called the “Tillamook County Short Term Rental Ordinance

Since then the Advisory Committee has been meeting every month to get community feedback, review survey results and begin to formulate an Ordinance to implement within the county.

Ordinance 84 – “Tillamook County Short Term Rental Ordinance” is set up to Regulate Short Term Rentals; Establish Standards & Fees; Provide for a Permit, and Create Penalties for Violations of this Ordinance.

The county has 1,226 Short Term Rentals Countywide. 328 (27%) of all STR’s are here in Pacific City/Woods. See latest Status Report link below.

1) Here is the latest Status (October 2022) of Short Term Rentals in Unincorporated Tillamook County

REVISED 2022 STR October Presentation
Download PDF • 1.87MB

2) Here is the latest Proposed Ordinance 84 (Amendment #2)

STR Ordinance_84_Sept_Clean_October
Download PDF • 199KB

Note: The county has hired legal counsel: Daniel Kearns, who was involved in the Lincoln County lawsuit & other county STR ordinances.

The Next Step: Formalize the below “Yet to be determined” then Finalize Ordinance 84?

Yet to be determined:

Annual limit on number of nights rented

A Percentage Cap on number of STR permits

The Transferability of STR permits

Reducing max occupancy by limiting to bedrooms instead of sleeping areas

The us of TLT funds dedicated to enhanced enforcement

Property rights

Distance or proximity based limits

Want to learn more?

Short Term Rental Advisory Committee

November 8, 2022 Meeting at 9:30am to 11:30am

Virtual Link for Public Meetings

Microsoft Teams is utilized for Tillamook County Short-Term Rental Advisory Committee Meetings. To access this link, please click:

Join Microsoft Teams Virtual Meeting Call in: 1-971-254-3149, Conference ID: 887 242 77#

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