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  • Bob Papke

Hello Neighbor! Expectations of Conduct with Guests Communication

This letter will be posted in all Short Term Rentals; handed out to all incoming guests by the STVR companies & direct mailed to all residents in time for the summer! The attached letter Crafted by STVR Tillamook County, Tillamook County Community development, Tillamook Coast Visitors Association & Tillamook CAC's is a reflection of our commitment and dedication as a coalition of public and private efforts to promote a higher standard of conduct for all who live and visit our coastal communities. Our hope is that this letter will be shared with guests, residents, and posted in windows of local establishments by all who wish to help us promote the positive messaging of conduct reminders outlined in the letter. Those of us who share this letter demonstrate our commitment and recognition of common desires and expectations of conduct that are shared by all; in recognition that we can work together by example and leadership as one community where all are welcome; and that together we can foster a community partnership where industry and livability co-exist in balance and harmony.

See attached Flyer.

Hello Neighbor Revised 3-11-2021
Download PDF • 635KB

Also: The Tillamook County Board is seeking applications for openings and vacancies on the Short-Term Rental Committee as outlined in the attached press release. If you would like to get involved please apply. Press Release.

Download PDF • 98KB

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