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8/27/22 CAC Annual Meeting Recap

We had a good turnout for our PC-Woods Annual Meeting on Saturday 8/27/22 at the Kiawanda Community Center. See below the Attached is the PDF of the Presentation.

The 2022-2023 Executive Board Elections were held and unanimously approved:

Chair: Bob Papke

Vice Chair: Kimberly Miller

Secretary: TBD. Bob Papke interim.

Subjects covered:

UPDATE : Kiwanda Corridor Project, and the next steps

PC Woods Parking Committee

Land Use Committee

PC Woods Tsunami Evacuation Wayfinding Committee

Kiwanda Corridor Project Next Steps

Short Term Rental Permit “Pause”

Tillamook Housing Crises and ADU’s

South County Emergency Preparedness Fair, September 24, Hebo FD

Pacific City Woods Neighborhood Watch

CAC 8_27_22 Annual Meeting Powerpoint
Download PDF • 3.56MB

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